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India has successfully completed the process of laying down optical fiber cable link to the remote Andaman & Nicobar, Union Territory of India. It is one of the major project than has been completed in 24 months by Indian telecom operator BSNL. Andaman & Nicobar have 52 islands in which 37 has inhabitants, the fiber connected the whole A&N by 8 major islands, it is important to complete the project as soon as possible because it has been more important from the view of development and defence. The distance cover by this optical fiber from Chennai to A&N is approx 2313 Km which is in itself record. Pm inaugurate it by virtual meeting. 

Why it is important?

i. Development 
Andaman & Nicobar has population of approximately 4 lac and till now there is lot of problems regarding the internet, the miserable condition of internet is point to be consider in the list of Gov. of India and the gov has taken it. The optical fiber cable link will boost the economy of island by tourism and create various jobs and most important they are digitally connected now with the entire world. They will also be able to use the various Gov. projects and start-ups and be able to use the e-governance services like  educational app, farming, e-tourism, digital health and boost 4G mobile. services. 

Andaman & Nicobar have 8 defence bases which is important for every point of view, this high speed undersea optical fiber cable link will provide the internet access to the defence bases too, however they are already using satellite internet but this will also help them in various way. If we want to make our defence system boost up and secure there must be secure connectivity with the other parts of their system. A&N are approx 2300km away from Chennai from this data we can conclude that it is really far and so it is important to secure it and if logically see the world map near A&N we can see that there is shipment hub in the Singapore and the tension between China and Singapore make it very important because of the canal that China is building up in the Thailand. 

Most important thing from where the funds are coming from and how much?
Total Rs 1,224 funded by the Department of Telecommunication, Government of India. The total expenses is allocated by USOF. India plans RS 10,000 crore transshipment port at Great Nicobar Island.

Port Blair will gain the most of the speed 400gb/s  while the other island will have speed of 200 gb/s. It is high speed connectivity so the people can stream online, can download heavy content and use it many way for their individual and social development.   


Epidemic disease COVID-19 hit the India now all round, last five days India had recorded the highest COVID-19 cases than any other country. Total 22% of COVID cases are coming only from India nowadays. India cases number have been increasing steadily. In the starting of the COVID-19 epidemic the point is of the less number of testing, in that period cases were increases normally but when the  rapid testing kit has been provided and then the cases increases rapidly. The new graph show that how the government of India has been failed to control the epidemic disease. Different state of India are completely failed to control it and as usual the allegation between state and central gov. has been started, this is now common in India that if the central gov is failed to complete the project or state the state gov they start blaming on each other instead of coming together and complete that particular task. Similarly happening in the COVID-19  cases they started their dirty politics on the life of peoples , below graph show that how the gov. , individually we are unsuccessful in controlling the cases.

                                                                                                                       DATE: 10 AUGUST, 2020
CONFIRMED CASES- [21,14,140]
ACTIVE CASES- [6.23,526]
RECOVERED CASES- [14,47,332]
DECEASED- [42,821]


Vocal for the local taking this point in the list the GOV will suspend the imports of 101 defence items. This is the major step in the road to Made In India and AtmaNirbhar Bharat. The high technology weapon system like artillery guns, assault rifles, sonar system transport aircraft said, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on twitter. 

Estimates suggest the Indian armed forces could spend about $130 Billion to procure defence equipment in the next five years. From the date of independence our armed manufacturing unit never ever till now we have to depend on the other countries like Russia, France, America etc. We never be capable of producing world class weapons for our arm system, it is important to suspends these defence items so that at least we create some jobs, and save our money. According to research India will going to spend $130 Billion  2020-2025, this huge amount if we able to make it least as much as possible then it will be very helpful. Army, Air and Navy forces only procure all these 101 items from domestic manufacturers. The manufacturers could be private sector players or Defence Public Sector Undertaking(DPSUs). All the banned items will create employments, will may be create some innovative weapons that we may not be able to get from other countries, will create one of the major line for young generations to enter on.  


An Air India Express Plane crashed in the south Indian state of Kerela after skidding off the runway and breaking into two while landing at Kozhikode Calicut International Airport. At least 18 peoples died in crash, including both the pilots and the counting still on. It is believed that one of the major reason of this crash landing is Tabletop Airport area. What are these tabletop airports?

As the name suggests, it is an airport located and bulit on top of plateau or hilly surface, with one or both ends of the runway overlooking a drop. Therefore it is very important that precise and accurate landing occur,  minor mistake can cause lot of damage, it is proof to be uphill task for the best pilots too. The runway appear to be contiguously levelled land despite the sharp drop ahead, leading to the optical illusion therefore it's become very easy to overshoot the runway. These tabletop runways also have problem of access roads around the airfield.

There are total five tabletop runways in India.
1. Mangalore in Karnataka
2. Kozhikode in Kerela
3. Lengpui in Mizoram
4. Shimla in Himachal Pradesh
5. Pakyong in Sikkim



The forex exchange reserves are the foreign currencies that held by country's central bank. They are also called foreign currencies reserves or foreign reserves. Foreign exchange reserves are a nation's backup funds in case of emergency, such as rapid devaluation of its currency. Most reserves are preferred to be held in the form dollars, international currency. China has the highest foreign exchange reserve in US dollars. Countries use foreign currencies to keep a fixed rate value, maintain competitively prices exports, remain liquid in case of crisis and provide confidence for investors. The rising forex reserves gives lot of comfort to the government and central bank in managing India's external and internal financial issues. This rise also cause strengthen of rupees against dollar. The foreign exchange reserves to GDP ratio is around 15%. India's Forex Exchange Reserves climb to all time high of $534.5 billion. 

                                                                                                                     DATE: 11 AUGUST, 2020     


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