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The "MV Wakashio", a Panamanian-flagged vessel, was sailing under ballast, without cargo, through a major shipping lane in the Indian Ocean, when it went off course and grounded on a coral reef, in an environmentally sensitive area off the east coast of Mauritius, while travelling from China to Brazil, on 25 July 2020. The cause of the grounding is still unknown. At the time of the grounding, the ship was reported to have contained approximately 3,894 tons of fuel oil, 207 tons of diesel, and 90 tons of lubricant oil on board. Due to bad weather, the first signs of crack in the hull were reported on 5 August and, shortly thereafter oil began to leak. The Government of Mauritius activated its national oil spill contingency plan and 0n 7 August, declared a state of environmental emergency and called for international help.Mauritius Prime minister Pravind Jagnauth said that nation didn't have the "the required skills and expertise to refloat stranded ship" as he appealed to France for help.
"When biodiversity is in peril, there is urgency to act, France is there. Alongside the people of Mauritius you can count on our support dear Jagnauth" France replied. Specialist teams and equipment were sent from various countries, including France and Japan and the International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation(ITOPF) are also mobilising environmental and oil spill experts.


Oil on an Ocean surfaces is harmful to many form of aquatic life because it prevents sufficient amount of sunlight from penetrating the surface, and it also reduces  the level of dissolved oxygen. If beaches and polluted shorelines are fouled, tourism and commerce may be affected severely affected. Economic losses are covered, as well as loss of profit from impairment of the environment. Compensation for other environmental damage, however, is restricted to the costs of reasonable measures of reinstatement actually undertaken or to be undertaken as well as the costs of preventive measures and further loss or damage caused by such measures. As regards the costs of environmental damage by oil spills, and in particular costs of restoration reinstatement measures, technical guidance about the preparation and submission of claims has been prepared by ITOPF (International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation)


The MEA said that the Mauritius government had requested assistance in dealing with the environmental crisis after a Japanese bulk carrier MV WAKASHIO struck a coral reef off the coast in late July resulting in an oil spill of over 1,000 tonnes into Indian Ocean. India has dispatched over 30 tonnes of technical equipment and materail on board an Indian Air force Aircraft to Mauritius to help the island nation deal with the oil spill on its south east coast, the Ministry of External Affairs(MEA).


an environmental emergency can be defined as a sudden- onset disaster or accident resulting from natural, technological or human-induced factors, or a combination of these, that cause or threaten to cause severe environmental damage as well as harm to human health and/or livelihoods.


Any stretch of water which is regularly frequented b ships can be called a shipping lane, it is more meaningful to limit the use of the term to real fairways, in which shipping is limited by the depth of the water or by other navigational hazards and which normally though not always are marked by navigational aids. Thus the development of shipping lanes mainly involves navigation to and from ports and through shallow seas or bays, archipelagos, and narrow straits.


Corral reefs are large underwater structures composed of the skeletons of colonial marine invertebrates called coral. The coral species that build reefs are known as "hard" corals because they extract calcium carbonate from seawater to create a hard durable exoskeleton that protects their soft, sac-like bodies. Other species of corals that are not involved in reef building are known as "soft" corals. 



A bridge pier is a type of structure that extend to the ground below or into the water. It is used to support bridge superstructure and transfer the loads to the foundation. The bridge piers can be constructed to be substaintially attractive and strong in order to withstand both vertical and horizontal loads. It also does not hinder water flow or tide if the bridge spans the water.


The Indian Railways is constructing the world's tallest pier bridge across Ijai in Manipur, in its effort to provide connectivity to various parts of the country, specially in the remote areas of the North-Eastern state of India. The bridge which is being constructed across river Ijai near Noney is an engineering marvel because the tallest pier height will be of 141 meter. Indian Railways in its effort to provide connectivity to various parts of the specially in the remote area is taking multiple steps where transportation is still a major problem for the people living in those areas.The tallest pier will have a height of 141 meters, which surpasses the existing record of 139 meters of the Mala - Rijeka viaduct, Montenegro in Europe. The bridge is a part of Jiribam-Tupul-Imphal new BG line project(111Km). The total length of the bridge will be 703 meters. The piers of the bridge are constructed using hydraulic augers, the tall piers needed specially designed "slip form technique" to ensure effiecient and continual construction. 


The Ministry of Tribal Affairs had announced that around nine tribal fighters museums are to be established by 2022. The museums are to be dedicated to freedom fighters of tribal clans. Out of these nine, two are nearing completion and the rest are in different stages of progress. The largest of all nine museums are built in Rajpipla in Gujarat at a cost of Rs 102.55 crores. The rest of the museums are built in Ranchi (Jharkhand), Raipur (Chhattisgarh), Lambasingi (Andhra Pradesh ), Kozhikode (Kerala), Hyberabad (Telangana), Chhindwara (Madhya Pradesh), Senapti (Manipur) and Kelsi (Mizoram). These museums will trace the history along the trails, along which the tribal people in hills and forests fought for their right to live and will, therefore, combine ex situ display with in situ conservation, regeneration initiatives. These will be museums, objects as well as ideas. These will demonstrate the way tribal struggles for protecting their custodial concerns for the biological and cultural diversity of the country, have helped in nation building.


The Manipur museum is to be dedicated to Rani Gaidinilu. She joined the Heraka religious movement at the age of 13. The movement later turned into political movement in Manipur and areas of Naga. She was considered as the incarnation of Goddess Cherachamdinilu within the movement.


The Museum for the tribal freedom fighter Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh is to be established in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. He looted grain stocks and distributed it to the poor during famine. He was executed in December 1857. He is also called "The first Chhattisgarhi Freedom Fighter".


The museum at Ranchi, Jharkhand is to be dedicated to the Tribal freedom fighter Birsa Munda. He was from Munda tribe. He led the tribal religious Millenarian movement that arose in Bengal Presidency in late 19th century. His portrait has found its place in the Indian Parliament museum and is the only tribal leader to have been so honored. 


The Museum at Lammasingri, Andhra Pradesh is to be dedicated to Shri Alluri Seetha Ram Raju. Hw also fought against the Indian Forest Act, 1882 just like Birsa Munda. However, he was against the restrictions imposed by the act on free movement of tribal people in the forest. This prevented them from practicing their traditional shifting agriculture. He led the Rampa Rebellion in 1992.


The Museum to be built Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh is to be dedicated to these three leaders.

Tantya Bheel 
He was named a dacoit during British rule between 1978 and 18889. He was from the Adivasi community.

Bheema Nayak
Bheema Nayak fought against the british during the 1857 revolt. He was hanged in Andaman prison in 1876. In 2017, Shaheed Bhima Nayak Pariyojana was launched by the Madhya Pradesh Government.

Ramji Gond.
The Museum at Telangana is to be dedicated to Ramji Gonnd. It is to be constructed at a cost of Rs 18 cores.


Skyroot Aerospace is a spacetech start up aims to address the rising concerns in the global Skyroot Space industry to provide low cost launch solutions to reach space in lesser time. The startup's three launch vehicle - Vikram I, II, III can carry payloads ranging from 200kg to 700kg to low Earth orbit. Currently, the team is going to test a 3D printed liquid propellant engine and a fully composite(Carbon fiber) and high performance solid rocket motor. Skyroot Aerospace that has become the first in the country to test-fire a homegrown upper stage rocket engine. The company is looking forward to a maiden launch by December 2021 if all goes well with the assistance and guidance of the Indian Space Research Organisaion(ISRO). It has successfully test-fired its upper stage rocket engine named 'RAMAN'. It can place multiple satellites into orbit. With the assistance and guidance of ISRO, Skyroot is into building India's first privately built space launch vehicles.


Indian Premier League got a new title sponsor that is fantasy gaming platform DREAM 11 acquired the title sponsorship for the IPL 2020 with a bid of Rs 222 crore. The move comes after the Indian board recently suspended its title sponsorship deal with Vivo the Chinese mobile manufacturer, that had signed a deal in 2018 for 5 years. Dream 11 edged Unacademy and Byju's in close contest for the title sponsorship of September 19 to November 8 of season 13. The latter reportedly bid around 210 and 150 crores respectively. Tata sons withdrew and didn't submit the Expression of Interest(EOI). The gaming platform which is said to have 100 million users, has Chinese internet giant Tencent Holdings Ltd. as one of its financial backers. Dream 11 is also IPL's only fantasy league partner and the BCCI is stressing on the fact that, Chinese investment notwithstanding, it is an Indian company.


An Expression of Interest (EOI) is one of the initial transaction documents shared by the buyer with the seller in a potential deal. The EOI indicates a serious interest from the buyer that their company would be interested to pay a certain valuation and acquire the seller's company through formal offer. 


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